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  • With a gradation of 12.5% is a wine made with grapes from the Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa. It has a ruby red color. In the mouth is silky and balanced giving a harmonious feeling. The good thing about this wine is that it combines with all kinds of dishes, from meats, fried foods, vegetables or rice.

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    This is a highly exquisite, exclusive and high quality wine. Several times awarded nationally and internationally. It is a sweet wine but with all the acidity that adds freshness. Carries a tasty flavor with hints of dark fruit. It is ideal to serve with cheese. Its flavor is unique.

  • This is a very special wine, then was elected to the Oscars ceremony 2013. The people in charge of the ceremony chose this wine for its harmonious flavor and extensive combination with any dish. Surely this wine will be a success and a gift for the palate. A very exclusive and very affordable wine.

  • This is a wine produced by the winery Juan Gil. The development work is manual, but also combined with modern techniques. It is a pleasure for the palate to enjoy an expressive flavor with hints of fruit pesisten in the aftertaste. It is a wine with strength and very tasty that will conquer all your dinners.

  • The most exquisite and fine Mediterranean figs bathed in chocolate and filled with a unique and smooth truffle cream of intensive cocoa flavor. They do not contain hydrogenated fats which makes them delicious and healthy.

  • Irresistible grown and handmade processed almonds coated with exclusive Belgian chocolate with high content of pure cocoa with a sublime texture from not contain hydrogenated fats which makes it a total healthy pleasure.

  • Exquisite selection of the best Mediterranean figs bathed in chocolate and stuffed with a delicious nuts praliné. It do not contain hydrogenated fats which makes it delicious and healthy.

  • Exquisite selection of the best Mediterranean figs bathed in white chocolate and stuffed with a exclusive truffle cream with soft texture and intense cocoa flavor. It do not contain hydrogenated fats making it delicious and healthy.

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